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Adventures of a SecondLife Avatar

Wisdom d’Avi

Written By: Wisdomd d'Avi

“Life is a dream, Dream Big, Bigger, Bigger Still….LIVE IT!”.


Who said that?

I said it!

Well actually my creator said it on my profile in SL.

So who am I?

((Wisdom d’Avi, is a Nom de Plume, who has created a life of her own in a virtual reality called Second Life.))

My mission is to put on the skin of the characters the human on the keyboard creates, and bring them to life in 3D.

This is my blog. Every avatar has a human on the keyboard, so at times she inserts her comments  and speaks in third person jargon. Whenever she feels the need to add her comments  she will insert them in double parentheses (( —— )) .

More to come……….Wis d’Avi


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