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Adventures of a SecondLife Avatar


Written By: Wisdomd d'Avi

Vol. 1 Issue #1 December 2011

((Note from Author:))

((It was difficult to choose, a first cover for Wisdoms’ blog. She has volumes and volumes, of pictures of all her adventures. In the end this cover was chosen because it was timely to the season.

Island Woman, an Amaretto brown bay with baby blue eyes, was Wisdoms’ first breedable horse in SL. She won her  in the first auctions at Antiquity Britannica SL.

Wisdom boarded IW with the horses of Baron and Baroness Gaffer on their Edinburgh Estate (Cambridge SL), so that IW would not be alone.

As a foal IW was standoffish and very indipendent, she preferred the company of the other horses and ignored Wis.

But Wisdom spent hours sitting on the fence, watching her grow and eventually was rewarded as this picture shows and records the moment.

Island Woman is retired now, but not before she was instrumental in launching one of Wisdoms, most rewarding and still ungoing adventure.))





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