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Cowboys and Angels Video

Written By: Wisdomd d'Avi - Jan• 01•13

Cowboys and Angels video..

Cowboys and Angels video is the  joint production of two avatars in Second Life. One of them obviously being me.

Oh yes I know what I am. I am an avatar in second life.  The bigger than life version of my creator. I do things she can’t.  Either because she does not have the means; or  because she is separated geographically.

The cowboys and angels video would not have been possible were it not for the beautiful lyrics of the song by Dustin Lynch. And from the beautifully captured images by the co-producer Cowboy Darbyshire while we were partnered in Second Life.

cowboys and angels video shooting location

Sarawak – Shooting location for Cowboys and Angels video in Second Life.

Sadly we are no longer together.  However the Cowboys and Angels video shot on location at  Sarawak lives on to preserve the happy moments.

Recently my  I creator read the story behind  the lyrics. At the end was included this quote by Dustin Lynch  “There’s something about cowboys and angels that are meant to be together, on paper and off paper.” He may have added Second Life had he known we existed.

((Sometimes when I watch this video it brings a smile to my face and a warm and fuzzy feeling inside. Other times it gives me a feeling of melancholy.))

That is my creator talking. Pay her no mind. Remember I told you on another page, she will insert her comments in ((—)). I’m an avatar I have a permanent smile attached to me and I don’t get melancholy. LOL!! I wish she would remember that.

Here are some pictures that did not make into my cowboys and angels video. Nevertheless they are beautiful to and worth sharing.  I have many more pictures of happy moments in Second Life. So you know what that means? More videos coming :).

Check out all the stills used in the making of the cowboys and angels video here.

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  1. Brae_Avon says:

    Gtear film wizz , love the photography ,, ermmmm ,, was that tit i saw at the start ???? lol , xxxxx

    1. Brae_Avon says:

      (Great )

    2. Wisdom d'Avi says:

      Mmmhmm tits and then some.. is that all you saw? Better go back and look again..:)


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