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London Wisdom

Written By: Wisdomd d'Avi - Jan• 24•13


London Wisdom Bridge St.


London Wisdom - EdleStore Affiliate in London City3

London Wisdom

If we are friends in SL you propably know I’m a bit of a time traveler. A look around this blog tells that tale.

Interesting too that London has featured in different times. So I decided it was time for a modern day London experience and it seems my creator had the same idea because off she sent me to search out London Wisdom.

As you will see in this series of journals there are many supprises in store and I got more than expected.

To start off as you can see from the map, the region never sleeps. It’s not unusual for Battery Park to filled to brim with green dots. You would expect for it to be really really LAGGY. The supprise is; it’s not at all.

The region has 4 sims; one adult where anything goes, and 3 moderates. Enjoy the pix, subscribe to the post, more to come!

Wis d’Avi

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