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Best way to Kiss a Girl

Written By: Wisdomd d'Avi - Feb• 04•13

“Best way to kiss a girl” is a rewrite.

The original post published last week was entitled a great way to kiss a girl and it was inspired by a comment on FB by a friend who quoted ” Push her up against a wall, hold her arms above her head and kiss her like you mean it.

Humm… I been kissed like that I thought, and I have a picture of it.

The best way to kiss a girl!

The best way to kiss a girl!

So that got me looking through all my pictures and I found lots of great best kisses.

Best way to kiss a girl on a diving board.

This is one of my favorites but make sure you support her back or your’re on the way to kissing in the water at best; or to a chiropractor at worse.

best to kiss a girl is with passion

Personally I like looking a two people kissing as much as I like being one of the two kissin, ’cause it gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling inside.

So now methinks this requires a whole series of posts. So lets call this:

Best way to kiss a girl Volume I.

Followed by a whole series of “The best way to kiss a guy ” and the best way to Kiss period.

Oh hell after all one of the fun things to do on SL is kiss…don’t you agree? Well ok there is dancing.

PS: I guess avatars are not the only ones who like kissing. It seams the humans on the keyboard like it too. So much so that some peep by the name of Godaddy showed everybody how to do it right on some ppl game called the super bowl. And now everyone is talking about that kissing ad.

More coming about London City Region and my new townhouse at Saint James Square, London City Westside.
Wis d’Avi


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