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Adventures of a SecondLife Avatar

Second Life Avatars

Written By: Wisdomd d'Avi

Second Life Avatars and  Role Play.

Second life avatars are like actors. Remember when you were a kid you used to dress up and play make believe. You were in essence acting out roles; role playing.

Second life avatars are like make believe for RL adults. Role play communites abound in SL. Each is unique. Some more organized than others. Some are very strict about holding true or canon to the format of the story lines. Some Star Wars  role play sims are very strick. Visitors are required to wear visitor tags and are in essence invisible to the residents who are engaged in role play.

((Below are images of  some of the different roles or characters I created and Wisdom has brought to life in SL. To me second life is role play. From the moment you login you have begun to role play.

You have to immerse yourself in the character of the second life avatar. In the case where the avatar is a horse or a whale, the opportunity for seeing a perspective from the first person point of view is amazing. More to come….))

((Each of the Second Life Avatar characters here has their own section of this blog but here is a brief summary:))

Wisdom Amelia d’Avi, Antiquity Marquese

Lives in Victorian time and mostly travels between Antiquity and the Free state of Caledon searching for clues of her kidnapped father Theofaulis d’Avi.

Wisdom ‘Jaam’ d’Avi

Is a Starfleet Officer and lives in the 24 century.

Q’Gan Jinn

Lives in a galaxy far far away and is a oucasted Jedi.

Black Thunder

Is a Black Arabian Stallion who  loves to give rides from the Oxbridge Village Park in the Free state of Caledon.


A whale roams the waters of the Blake sea. She has been spotted has far north as the New England and all the way South to the Sailors Cove Region.

SLCG SR Wisdom d’Avi

Seaman Recruit is a newest rp addition. SR ‘Avi has begun to forge a carrer in the Second Life Coast Guard group.

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    1. Wisdom d'Avi says:

      LOL! Cool lead in. I love it 🙂 Sailors Cove was one of the first Regions I discovered in SL, and it’s a great place for boating and flying.


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