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Antiquity Wisdom

Written By: Wisdomd d'Avi

Upon learning of her fathers disappearance, Wisdom Amelia d’Avi sets off to Antiquity London to demand and audience with the King.

Lady d’Avi suspects that her father; Lord Theofoulis d’Avi– a staunch abolitionist who has secretively formed and alliance with the Pirates of Antiquity– has been kidnapped.

While at court, awaiting for the King to summon her, Wisdom causes much commotion. She makes it well know that although she is not a man, she will have her revenge on anyone who has harmed or caused misfortune to befall on Theofoulis d’Avi.  Like her father she makes enemies, with those who would seek to unseat him as Banker to the King.

It is not common knowledge that the King is Wisdoms’ Godfather. Word reaches him that Lady d’Avi might suffer the same fate has her father. To the horror of his advisers, because she is young and lacks life experience,  he appoints her to the newly opened governorship in the colonies. He has her dispatched to Antiquity Nassau; primarily for her safety but alsonto get her out of his hair and restore peace at court.

Un-beknown to him, this suites Wisdoms purpose. She too sees the need to form an alliance with the Pirates of Antiquity. So that she may continue her fathers work; but most importantly to elicit their aid in finding him.

Her tenure as Governor of Antiquity Nassau, yields many opportunities for Lady d’Avi. Seeing great potential in trade in the colonies, she forms d’Avi G.T.E. a Global Trading Enterprise. In addition she secures a fortituos alliance with the much feared but elusive Pirates of Oceania.

Confident that her mission is going as planned, Lady d’Avi allows herself some respite from her obssesion with finding and bringing her father back home safely.

She joins and participates in the events of the Antiquity Equestrians. As one who tackles passionately anything that draws her attention or curiosity, Wisdom does no less during her participation with the Antiquity Equestrian. She concieves and assumes patronship of what becomes a hitoric event — The Governors Cup Tornament.

The G.C.T. a three part, 2 month, fun filled event which pitted the best of the best horse riders in Antiquity, the colonies, and the western lands, was an event much talked about for months after it ended.

But for Wisdom, the Governors Cup Tournament became a life changing event.

To be continued..


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