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Adventures of a SecondLife Avatar

Q’gan Jinn

Written By: Wisdomd d'Avi

Q’gan Jinn, a foundling, who has grown up on the planet Alpah of the outer, outer, outer rim,  has been cast out from her Jedi Master school deemed unteachable.

Ironically by the Jedi Order who was itself out casted by the Council.

Jinn has a natural connection to the force but the teachings of the Order conflicted with her instincts.

Her Jedi Master recognized her natural connection to the force, but what he was not prepared for was her fiercely inquisitive nature and her inability to yield to authority.

On a stolen star fighter destined for the recycling plant, Jinn sets out on her own, but soon crash lands on an small asteroid otherwise known as space dust.


Tired and hungry, she has fallen asleep by her fighter, thinking perhaps she has acted hastily and wondering what is now to be her fate.

To be continued…………


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