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Adventures of a SecondLife Avatar

Stardate 100430

Written By: Wisdomd d'Avi

Personal Log – Wisdom “Jaam” d’Avi – 2nd Lt 



Stardate 100430 First Entry

It is inconceivable but true. On that faithful day, Troy was reported missing while flying through the Bermuda Triangle, my life changed.

But never did I imagine to what extent. After the extensive failed search by his coast guard buddies, I put all the resources, of d’Avi G.T.E at the disposal of my own attempt, much to the chagrin, and resistance of the board directors.

Eventually I had to face the prospect of life without him. And so I made one last flight to the co-ordinates last reported; so that I could say goodbye to my first love.

But before I spoke the words, a MAMMOTH LAG MONSTER rose from the sea of SL and with fury gripped the PBY and hurled me into space…through a long winding tunnel that seemed to never end…eventually out on the other side, to a place I have come to know as the Delta Quadrant, in the 24 century.

I was told by the people of this century there might be a way back to my time. To that end I must join UFS and do all that is required.

Today, two months from that faithful day for me, but 300 years forward in the timeline; I have successfully graduated Starfleet Academy as 2nd Lt. – United Federation Starfleet – Star Fighter Command.

It occurs to me the same fate might have befallen my love, and so I look for him in every new face I meet.


Amicus ut totus hostilis ut nullus’

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