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Stardate 100517

Written By: Wisdomd d'Avi

Personal Log – Wisdom “Jaam” d’Avi – 2nd Lt – Combat Pilot


Stardate 100517

It appears that returning to the 21 century self may take longer that anticipated, however life as star fighter in 24th century SFC in USF is rather nice.

I wish I could let my friends and family back in time know, that humans have advanced much. I have a met and continue to meet very nice people in the Corps. One of these is Capt. Selina Otsuka, my flight instructor, she is to get me combat ready, quite a challenge as I am having difficulty understanding 24 century advanced flight.

Space flight is oh so much more difficult that flying around in the earth atmosphere. Although I am(was) proficient in instrument flight, gaining control of the Starfighter Valk will take some doing. I must get good enough to shoot my instructor out of the sky in a dog fight…to date I have just barely managed to get the nose of the Valk to up and down…(smiles at self) in advanced flight.

Capt. Osuka likes to remind me that if I don’t master advanced flight I can always be a “bus driver” shuttling people around in normal flight. UGH!

I can hear g,g,g,g,g, grandaunt Amelia now! “The Davi women are pioneers, leaders, explorers, we set the standards, we do not follow or settle. Bus Driver indeed!” Then turning to her her co-pilot Fred Noonan she would ask “Are we there yet?”


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