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Adventures of a SecondLife Avatar

Stardate 100903

Written By: Wisdomd d'Avi


Wisdom sits on the floor of the hangar by the big doors and swings her legs over the edge.
Amis curls up on her lap and quickly fall asleep.
She takes a deep breath, her chest expands, she exhales, her shoulder slump.
She holds back the overwhealming urge to cry.

(to Amis)

Look like we’ve been uprooted again
It was beginning to feel like home.
All the starfighters, like a big Family.
Now it’s all gone. I wanna go home Amis..
Is that even possible?

The moments pass, Wisdom is absorbed in her thoughts..
In the backround Athena hums…


Stardate 100903

1st Lt Wisdom ‘Jaam’ d’Avi
Vice Commander Air Group

Time really flies in the 24 century in two short weeks I’ve been catapulted from flight leader to Vice Commander Air Group, and Training Officer to ex every thing and in early Retirement.

But even in such a short time I was privileged to have pinned the fighter wings on two pilots, Akin Miami and Drunk Radikal. And I am thankful and grateful to Major Slarus and Otsuka for giving me the opportunity.

The assimilation of SFC into the Marine Corps has forced to me to make an unpleasant decision. Try as I may I cannot see myself in the Marine Corps. Oh yes I know this move is being touted as business as usual as the official statement would have one believe:

“With this merger, the only real change for Starfighter Command personnel is the changing of some titles. Your job is essentially the same, fly, fight and defend UFS.”

Well lets see let me count the way just a few title changes..Starfighter Command Corp to Marine Aero Space Branch. Uniform change to Green, Rank Change, Philosophy change, Motto change, Salute Policy change, Chain of Command change.

It’s a total change of identity and role, for me so I regret that I can’t follow my SFC Family into the “merger”.

Computer, underline and bold the following:

I have the utmost respect and admiration for the dedicated men and women that serve in the Fleet. My decision to decline to participate was a very difficult one, but in the end one must always be true to only one thing ..”to the know self be true”.

I am ‘StarFighter’ that is my know self. While to some that might be the same as a ‘Marine Aero Space Pilot’ to me they are not. They are as far as the ocean is to the sky, they might share the love of flight but it ends there. They approach it from different perspectives.

Computer I have rambled on longer than I intended.



Wisdom jumps to her feet. Amis in her arms is startled awake and whimps.
She turns, walks to the Valk Trainer, and jumps in.

=^=1st Lt Wisdom ‘Jaam’ Davi to Athena Ops Computer: Please Log the launch entry~Destination unknown ~ Jaam out =^=

‘Amicus ut totus hostilis ut nullus’

Access Service Jacket


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