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What is Second Life?

Written By: Wisdomd d'Avi - May• 29•12

What is Second Life to me.

What is Second Life?Have you ever tried to define or explain to someone what Second Life is? I recently watched Philip Rosadale – the creator – try to do just that on Ted.com.

From the comments it was obvious, that anyone who had watched that video, was still pretty clueless. However most of the comments came from ppls who had never been inworld.

Got me thinking. What would be the comments of those of us who live in Second Life and know what it’s all about?

So I started to post my own comment and tried to answer the question. What is Second Life? Wow! I thought I knew, or could describe it in a simple way.

Not so!


Because Second Life is many things to many ppls or it’s everything you can immagine it can be, and that is hard to put in 25 words or less.

After much writing, re-writing, phrasing and re-phrasing this is the best I came up with.

Second Life is…..Uh…Hum…




…Sorry was AFK

…OMG I’m naked again?

… TP please

…My draw is 2000, and graphics set at Ultra…is that why I can’t move and everything is grey?

…Are you an ALT?

…What’s an ALT?

…Never mind, if you were you would have said no 😛

…RL calling

…Widom d’Avi is Offline.

…Widom d’Avi is Online.

…Widom d’Avi is Offline

…Widom d’Avi is Online

[11:37]  Incoming message from (H… M…….)

[11:39]  H… M……. is typing…

[11:39]  H… M…….: are you having problems? You keep popping in and out.

[11:41]  Wisdom Davi: I keep crashing on login.

[11:42]  H… M…….: ROFL It’s SL and it’s Tuesday.

[11:50]  Starting session with Phoenix/Firestorm Viewer Support, please wait.

[11:55]  Wisdom Davi: (PH 1.6.1) Houston (I mean Phoenix) we have a problem!

[12:00] Phoenix/Firestorm Viewer Support: Your message has been queued…

…^^ and that is a slice of life in Second Life.

Widom d’Avi is Offline

Second Life is a lanquage, an experience, a flight of fancy, the realm of the imagination, a place to hide, a place to create, a place to build models for RL (Real Life) etc. etc. etc. Or that old stand by “It’s a 3d chat room”. It’s whatever you want it to be. The big question. “Will SL ever go mainstream like FB?” It should but it propably won’t . When someone ask me what is the difference between FB and SL?  I say this: FB is a sandbox for todlers. SL is gruaduate school!

So what is Second Life to you? We are coming up on SL9B, it’s a timely topic. Please add your comment below. Don’t forget to tweet and re-tweet; let’s see how far we can take it 🙂

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Wis d’Avi

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  1. Brae_Avon says:

    That is such a hard question. SL is to me a huge playground for adults; although I have made many friends there, some very close, the term adult doesn’t always apply. It is an escape. It’s a place where you can dare to let your personality run free; like real life on speed (I’ve never tried it though TBH; speed that is -).

    Men can be hero`s. Women can shop (I’m gonna be in trouble for that comment). Both can create worlds, animate life, grow huge boobs lol.

    This is way to big a question for my small brain; maybe I can add some another day.

    Now where did I leave my pills??

  2. Stone Semyorka says:

    Here’s how to get started in Second Life . . .


    1. Wisdom d'Avi says:

      I would love to read your take on SL :).


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